Studio Piccolo is the link between creativity, technical expertise, and strategy ... with a little zest. We create inspiring and skillful solutions to your unique problems.

We are an independent graphic design studio founded by Nathan Fikri-Chapman, Alessandro Renato Marchetti & Adrian Geary, specializing in design work for identity, publishing, art and culture.

Are you ready to transform your ideas into reality?

We combine our skills and  expertise to fulfill your unique brand goals. We know that each business has different needs. We will work together with you to find the right plan of action. Book a discovery session with us today.

We design seamless and intuitive journey; singular brand identity and interactive concepts. We create responsive web design and user testing, both online and offline.

Our Services Include

Sitemap & Wireframes
Moodboard & Mockups
Interactive Prototypes
Brand Guidline Booklet
Product Packaging
Ad campaigns
Social Media Marketing
UI/UX Design

Studio Piccolo 2023
“We Do It Small.”